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Adult Programs

Participants in the Adult Program will enjoy the unique blend of arts, culture, literature, poetry and self-improvement activities included. With storytelling as a central component, each individual program is designed to empower participants to develop their own form of artistic expression. Programs are delivered through a combination of our core channels: books, workshops and retreats.

For every participant, each segment is a new opportunity to connect with their culture or discover another student’s; a creative and therapeutic experience. Participants leave with an enhanced sense of knowledge of self and empowerment, but also connection to others, joy of being part of an abundant and loving world.


“There can be no keener revelation of a society than the way it treats its children”
Nelson Mandela –


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At Aduna Village, our mission is to transform the lives of our participants, uplift and amplify the mosaic of their voices thanks to our culturally responsive programs.


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