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Summer Reading Intervention Program at Stanford University

At Aduna Village, we are ardent advocates of reading as a foundational life skill; which is why we support Stanford University’s Reading & Dyslexia Research Program as they are ramping up recruitment for their summer reading intervention.

Participate in research about reading & the brain!

Children ages 7 to 11 with reading difficulties are needed for a brain-imaging study at Stanford that includes 8 weeks of free, intensive, and targeted summer reading instruction through Lindamood-Bell. We are interested in how the brain learns to read and the effects of reading instruction on brain development. If eligible, commitment to this study involves 4-5 visits to Stanford for MRI scans across the year. Participants will be compensated for each visit.

Click here (or sign up at to complete a screening form and have your child be considered for this study! For more information, visit or contact the research team at

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